Shipping & Handling

This section answers some frequently asked questions regarding shipping & handling. 

For questions regarding damaged goods or undelivered items, please review the Order Troubleshooting section!

Specific order questions not answered here can be sent to shop@blushsprout.com. Please allow 48 - 72 hours for a response.


Transit Times

Destination Estimated Delivery
United States 1 - 3 business days after shipment
Canada & Mexico 1 - 2 weeks after shipment
International / Overseas 2 - 9 weeks after shipment

General FAQs


blushsprout is managed by one person, meaning that all orders are processed & personally packaged by myself. I always aim to get orders out as quickly as possible, but during busy times such as product launches & the holidays, orders will take more time to get through. Typical processing time may range anywhere between 2 to 10 business days, unless otherwise stated (such as a banner on our front page advertising that we are away for an event or moving).

If your order requires urgency (birthday, event, etc), please let us know and if possible, we will try to accommodate your request. This may not always be possible.


Orders are packaged in a couple of different ways:

  • Smaller items are packaged into weatherproof bubble mailers for protection.
  • Apparel is folded & shipped using poly mailers.
  • Enamel pins are typically grouped together and placed in the bubble mailer as-is. Seconds are grouped into a small bag.


All orders come with a USPS tracking number. You will automatically receive a tracking number through e-mail once your shipping label has been printed.

Please note that tracking numbers on international orders may be delayed or stop updating entirely once they cross the border.


If you have placed two or more orders within a short time frame and would like them to be combined into a single order, please send an e-mail to shop@blushsprout.com as soon as possible. Please note that if your orders have already been sent out, it is impossible to combine them.


The price for international shipping reflects the current shipping rates of USPS First-Class Parcels, plus third party insurance and all associated handling costs (mailing supplies, gas for transportation to the post office, etc). I aim to keep it as low as possible, but unfortunately, have no control over the higher rates.


Although I definitely sympathize with the headaches of customs fees, our policy is to be as accurate and honest as possible when filling out customs formsLying about value is a serious offense and puts storeowners at huge risks of fines, or worse. Customers are fully responsible for any taxes or fees that occur for their orders. We will not be able to refund any shipping & handling fees if you deny the package due to customs fees!

Order Troubleshooting & Returns


If your order is returned to sender due to an error that is not ours (for example: shipping address provided is inaccurate, order was not picked up at post office, package was refused, etc.) you may elect to either have your order reshipped if an alternative address is provided and re-shipment fee paid OR you may elect for a partial refund of the item minus the shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee. Please note that the re-shipment fee will be the original cost of shipping.

"The tracking says "Delivered", but my package isn't here?"

1. Try calling the post office to make sure it’s not being held there. Sometimes they can talk to the carriers and see if they remember dropping the package off at your address, or sometimes there are comments left in their records of where the package was placed.

2. Try asking your neighbors to see if something got mixed up.

3. Double-check with your family or roommates to make sure they didn't bring your package inside.

4. Check all areas of your property -- could it have gotten swept away or blown somewhere nearby? Be sure to check your yard, front/back door, porch, bushes, etc.

5. Wait a couple of days -- more often than not, USPS will prematurely label packages as "delivered" when in actuality, they are still sitting at the post office waiting to be delivered the next business day.

Once I hand something over to the United States Postal Service for shipping, it’s completely out of my hands, especially after it’s been marked as “Delivered”. Your local post office will be most qualified to help you locate your package!


In cases of a damaged or incorrect order lease send an email to shop@blushsprout.com with your name, order number, and a photo(s) of the damaged goods so we can help. Sometimes there are easy fixes for minor things like bent pin backs.


All sales are final -- no returns or exchanges are accepted. Please be sure to read over item descriptions and sizing guidelines before making your purchase!