Froggie Ita Bag Care Guide & FAQs



    My Froggie arrived with a bend/wrinkle in the pleather. How can I fix it?

    Due to popular request, the v2 Froggies are made using a much more flexible pleather material than v1 Froggies. However, the tradeoff is that the new material is more susceptible to bends and wrinkles. With a little heat, you can gently coax the material back into shape.

    1. Using a heat gun or hair dryer on Low/Medium heat setting, aim the warm air in the opposite direction of the bend, and heat up the fabric.

    2. Use your hands or another object to grip & hold the fabric in the opposite direction of the bend (but take care not to burn your fingers with warm air).


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    My Froggie has a smell to it?

    Your Froggie bag spent many months traveling across the ocean in a tight cardboard container with thousands of other Froggie friends. Their material likely absorbed a lot of the environmental scents, and therefore may give off a strong “fresh pleather” and/or “fishy ocean” odor. Due to the nature of ocean freight, this is unavoidable from our end, but should slowly go away with time & use.

    We instructed our manufacturer to include 2 silica gel packets inside of each bag to help absorb odor, but here are other things you can do to help speed up the process:

    • Leave bag outside for a few hours at a time to help speed up UV exposure & fresh air circulation.
    • Temporarily stuff scented dryer sheets or car air fresheners inside of bag.
    • Odor-eliminating charcoal bags are also known to help reduce smell.


    (v1 ONLY) The black screenprint on my Froggie's face is fading!

    Note: For v2, we have completely switched factories, and therefore do not anticipate any issues with undried ink! Fading black screenprint is an issue that only affected a very small amount of Mint v1 bags, in particular, from the original Kickstarter campaign.

    The source of the fading is due to our manufacturer not giving the layer of black screenprint ink enough time to dry before they moved onto the next phase in production. We noticed that the black ink was fine upon first glance, but once someone started using their Mint bag, the ink would begin fading a bit from friction.

    Luckily, some clever folks in our Discord server were able to figure out an easy DIY fix for any fading screenprint: use a black oil pens/marker on any faded gap areas of your bag. We suggest black Sharpie oil markers, since they dry to the same matte texture as the eye.