Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you based out of?

Ohio, United States!

Do you take personal commissions of characters, pets, etc?

 We are not available for personal commission work. For professional or industry inquiries, please message with an introduction and what you are interested in.

Will sold out designs be restocked?

Most of our merchandise designs are limited releases, meaning they are not restocked once sold out! If a design remains consistently popular, we may do a few restocks! 

Will you be attending [X] event/show?

Check out the site's footer for upcoming show appearances! :)

May I get your artwork or merchandise tattooed?

We kindly ask that our artwork & designs are not used for any type of tattoo.  Please support your local tattoo artists and have them create a unique design for you instead! :)

Do you offer wholesale?

Unfortunately, we do not offer wholesale!