Oopsie Pin! Blursed Bby Greenboi Crib

Oopsie Pin! Blursed Bby Greenboi Crib


This is an oopsie pin, meaning that there was a major production mistake that rendered most of the batch incorrect. Due to the nature of this product, oopsie pins are sold as a single grade called "Maybe Seconds". As the name implies, your pin may or may not have imperfections, it is totally randmom -- so please keep this in mind when purchasing!


The Oops:

Manufacturer forgot to apply the pink nose & ears screenprinting to the entire batch of pins. It gives this boi a strange yet oddly endearing look, therefore, he is blursed -- both blessed and cursed.


☆ Gold plated hard enamel pin

☆ Approximately 1.5"

☆ Two posts with rubber backings

☆ Engraved backstamp for authenticity

☆ Colors may vary between your monitor's colors and the physical product. Enamel colors may also have slight variations from batch to batch.

☆ Our enamel pins typically come in two grades: Standard (best available) and Seconds (defective). Each pin made by hand and as a result, even Standard pins may have minor surface imperfections. Please read our grading guide for more information.